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The following terms apply to all fully developed and hosted web sites:

  • A deposit of 50.00 is required for the basic package before any design work is carried out, this is to register your domain name. A higher figure will apply for other packages.

  • greenwebsitedesign will only carry out work where an agreement is provided by either e-mail, telephone or mail. Work will only be carried out for clients aged eighteen or over. An order is deemed to be a written or verbal contract between greenwebsitedesign and the client, this includes telephone and e-mail agreements.

  • greenwebsitedesign will not accept any contract for sites of an adult or illegal nature.

  • The turn around time from initial agreement and payment is usually between two and four weeks, depending on the amount of content your site requires.

  • You will own the Copyright of your site, although it will be managed by greenwebsitedesign.

  • No changes will be made to your site without your prior approval.

  • Whilst ever effort will be made to ensure that the web site and any scripts or programmes are free of errors, greenwebsitedesign can not accept responsibility for any losses incurred due to malfunction of the web site or any part of the wit.

  • The web site, graphics and programming code remain the property of greenwebsitedesign until all outstanding accounts are paid in full.

  • greenwebsitedesign cannot take any responsibility for any copyright infringements caused by materials submitted by the client, greenwebsitedesign reserves the right to refuse any material of a copyrighted nature unless proof of permission is given in writing to use such material.

  • The client agrees to make available as soon as possible to greenwebsitedesign all materials required to complete the site to the agreed standard and set deadline.

  • greenwebsitedesign will not be liable for costs incurred, compensation or loss of earnings due to the failure to meet agreed deadlines.

  • greenwebsitedesign will not be liable or become involved in any dispute between the site owner and their clients, and cannot be held responsible for any wrongdoing on the part of the site owner.

  • greenwebsitedesign will not be liable for any costs incurred, compensation or loss of income due to the unavailability of the site, its servers, software or any material provided by the client or any of their appointed agents.

  • greenwebsitedesign will not be liable for any costs incurred, compensation or loss of income due to the work carried out on behalf of the client or any of the clients appointed agents.

  • Once a web site has been designed and completed to the clients satisfaction, the final balance of payment is due before the site will be made live on the internet. Non payment will result in legal action being taken if necessary.





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